2016 Season 

Coral Springs Flag Football 2016 Registration Dates

***Coming Soon! Watch for our online registration.***

3/15 Monday            6:00 to 9:00    Mullins Hall
3/21 Monday            6:00 to 9:00    Mullins Hall
4/2  Saturday            9:00 to 1:00    Mullins Hall
4/13 Wednesday      6:00 to 9:00    Mullins Hall and Veterans Building

2016 Division Age Ranges

Freshman:   7-9 yrs old          9/1/2006   to   8/31/2009
Junior:        10-11 yrs old        9/1/2004   to   8/31/2006
Senior:        12-14 yrs old        9/1/2001   to   8/31/2004

Congratulations to the 2015 Super Bowl Winners!

Seniors – Raiders
Juniors – Cardinals
Freshman – Dolphins

A Message From Our President

As each Flag Football season comes and goes, I can’t help but think about what goes into making each season a success. It is not a four month program, but a year round responsibility. I t is truly a community program that involves many different aspects and brings everyone together, from the Parks and Recreation Department that makes sure the fields are in good condition and prepared for each game, to the referees that officiate the games and maintain safety as it is #1 priority, to the concession stand workers who provide refreshments to everyone, as well as ice for the occasional bump and bruise. Equally important are the parents who support the boys and girls by bringing them to practices and games and cheering for them. This would not be possible without the coaches, assistant coaches, and teen advisors who inspire everyone to achieve their best and teach important life lessons dealing with winning, losing, teamwork, and all that can be learned from that. The question has to be asked, why do all of these people volunteer their time? The answer is quite simply “For the Kids.” To see the face of a seven year old scoring his first touchdown, watching the cheerleaders complete a perfect cheer, seeing the parents faces fill with pride as they see their children compete and have an enjoyable experience. That is why all of these people do it.

I consider it an honor to serve as the president of one of Coral Springs’ oldest and most successful sports league. I would like to thank all of you that have given the most valuable commodity, which can be given to your children, and that is your time. I would also like to thank the Board of Directors who have given and sacrificed so much to make each and every season a successful one. I hope everyone takes with them a sense of satisfaction knowing that we put forth all this effort “For The Kids”.